About Us

About Us
A little about our dealership - I started buying and selling trucks as a hobby while working my full time career in 2010. As time passed, I started growing my inventory and buying and selling more until I was at the limit for personal sales in a given year. I then obtained my license and bond so that I could grow my hobby a bit more. I opened a lot and had it staffed by a part time employee, until it grew to the point to where I had to leave my full time job. Neither myself nor my employees have never worked at another car dealership, and this is our first exposure to the sales side of the desk. We did not bring any of the high pressure sales tactics from anywhere else, and take pride in our no pressure sales practice. If you like one of our vehicles, that's great! After all, this is a large investment and you need to make the correct choice for you. We are happy to give you information on anything we have and will share anything we have done to a vehicle pre-sale. We also provide the CarFax free of charge, so you can see where the vehicle has been and any indicated accident history. We drive our inventory and we fix issues we find. While we cannot make vehicles new again, anything on our lot should be ready to go for quite some time without having to worry about major issues you have to address. We also offer warranties for additional peace of mind, just ask us about them!
We believe the car buying experience should be a hassle and stress-free experience. We have a no pressure approach, and respect your need to find the right vehicle for yourself. We invite you to come by and browse our inventory without any of the traditional salespeople gimmicks and awkward conversation. We research our inventory before we acquire and price aggressively. Most of our inventory is priced substantially "back of book", so you don't have to "gear up" for a negotiation battle. Our prices are no haggle and upfront, making the buying process more transparent and less stressful.
We can service your diesel or gas truck whether you bought from us or not. We offer fuel system enhancements, routine maintenance, diagnostics, accessories and more. Call us for details!
We happily service what we sell, and offer discounts to previous customers that have bought vehicles from us. We feel we offer a great service - come give us a try!
We offer nationwide warranties for added peace of mind. We drive our vehicles and fix any issues we encounter. However, these are used vehicles and unknown issues may present themselves down the road. Ask for details - we can get you covered on most vehicles!
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